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Post by Cypher on Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:24 am

As some of you may already know, we have been experiencing some connection issues through our PlugPayPlay server host. Since we're looking to make our server now a public server and hope to make it a very successful one at that, we've decided that the repeated crashes won't do anything to make our server very enjoyable to the community. So, we have purchased a new server, through a new host company today. I have high hopes to get the server up and running and ready to play no later than this coming weekend!

I still have a few tweaks to make before the release and since I am doing everything from making updated posts here, to modding and scripting and testing the new additions to our server, it is taking a little longer than I expected. Sorry for this but know that I am working on it, daily.

Now for some really exciting news! We've been discussing the possibility of setting up a donation perks package. As you know, it costs us money to keep our server up and running, and Dragon has been gracious enough to continue paying for our server, even though he rarely plays anymore. I have purposed a solution which includes allowing our players certain perks for any donations they're willing to make to our server! Haven't worked out all the kinks in the system yet but one thing that will definitely be available is the top donation perk of a prefab of the player's choosing, in any location on the map that is outside city regions and town regions! This means that, for instance, if you have a certain building, say, in the city that you enjoy building a base with, but can't build in due to not being able to build within city regions due to our server's scheduled region resets, you will have the option of donating a certain preset amount to our server and will be rewarded for your donation with say, a hotel where ever you'd like on the map upon the following update!!! Very cool!

Anyways, hope you're all as excited about the new additions as we are!


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