Prefabs For Future Public Server

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Prefabs For Future Public Server

Post by Cypher on Tue May 17, 2016 4:30 pm

I've been spending some time searching through pages upon pages of mods, updates and prefabs for our new release of the CTM server. Once I have everything put together, the server will be open to the public! Just downloaded a prefab combo pack to sift through and find what I think will be the best 50 - 100 new prefabs to add to our server. The pack that I found has the option to install 450 prefabs to the server. However, because some of these prefabs could cause issues (fps drops, server lag and bugs), I've decided to go through all of them and find the best ones to add. This is just an update on whats going on. After I post this, I will begin the long process of finding those prefabs I'll be adding!


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