Recent New Additions for Our Server

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Recent New Additions for Our Server

Post by Cypher on Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:21 am

Recent Updates are as follows:

CBSM License: Active
450+prefabs have been successfully installed on our server
Custom gun mods
Modded roads for fast travel
zgates are active but are limited to (3) per player
Prefab for zcoin/casinotoken store in game coming soon!



English Server:

Server's been around for awhile but only recently has been opened to the public! Lots of free space to
explore and build for the coming zombie hordes! We hope you'll join us!

Server Rules:

No hacking, exploiting, duping, griefing, raiding, pvp (unless an event calls for it)
Do not spam chat window
Do not destroy lootable containers (crates, airdrops, trash, etc.)
Do not landclaim in cities or towns (due to region resets)
Do not landclaim 'any' store
Do not create character names with numbers or symbols
Inactive landclaims are subject to region resets during server cleaning days
Be respectful of server and admins
***** Violation of these rules will get you banned *****

Things to expect on our server:

- Active Experienced Admins
- PvE Only, Friendly Community
- zCoins and casinotokens are used on our servers to create an Economy
- /shop in use to provide a convenient way for the community to purchase items at their leisure
- In game store that items can be bought by using zCoins and casinotokens (Only open from 22:00 - 4:00)
- In game store may also be used to sell your items to the vendors located there. (Each day of the week has different items that may be sold in the stores.
- zGates in use
- Custom items in game, increased stack size, custom and modded weapons
- Donation perks
- Rewards for voting
- Hosting events with prizes and zCoins/casinotokens
- Drop on Death - toolbelt
- Drop on Quit - Nothing
- Zombie behaviour: walk/run
- Loot Timer: Normal
- Loot Abundance - 60
- Loot Respawn Time - 7 days (ingame)
- Claim Size - 30  Claim Deadzone (30) / Claim Duration - 14 days (RL)
- Overall difficulty - 4
- GBL Global Ban List


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