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Tired of constantly having to use nightvision goggles, torches and candles in your homes? Wish you could return to the old days of wonderful electricity? Then this is the place for you! Our Generators are currently priced at 2500 Casino Coins per unit! Prices may vary. Upon purchasing one of our generators, our staff will make the trip to your home and install this valuable piece of equipment for you! Don't worry, installation is included in your purchase! Once you have made the choice to buy one of our generators, you will have the option of purchasing an assortment of electric lights for your home. Prices vary but not nearly as expensive as the generator. (Note: If your generator is destroyed during any unfortunate horde attacks or perhaps a accidentally misplaced pickaxe swing , your lights must be removed until you purchase another generator, at half the cost, which our staff will reinstall for you.)

Generator Cost: 2500 Duke's
Replacement or Extra Generator Cost: 1250 Duke's
Lights: 25 Duke's ea.

*Note: Prices are subject to change without notice, so get your's while the prices are low!

Lights are limited to the use of (15) per generator unit. Lights in use are ONLY allowed within the base/location the generator is attached to. This means that if your generator is in one building, and your base is two buildings that are NOT attached by a hallway or tunnel, or within the landclaim range the generator is installed within, you will need to purchase another generator to add lights to the area. By purchasing another generator, a player is allowed another 15 lights within that generators usage range. If a player owns 2 generators and one generator is damaged, then all lights within usage range of that generator must be removed from use until another generator is purchased.

A damaged generator is any generator that has ANY missing components to it, whether damaged on accident by a player or by the zombies.

Generator Purchases

None Purchased Yet!


Store Selling

Silenced 9mm Pistol1,500 Duke's
Silenced 44 Magnum2,500 Duke's
Silenced Bolt Action Rifle (Scope Zoom)3,500 Duke's
Silenced Hunting Rifle3,000 Duke's
Silenced MP52,700 Duke's
Silenced AK475,000 Duke's
Silenced Sniper Rifle5,000 Duke's
Silenced Sniper Rifle w/High Powered Scope12,000 Duke's
Pump Shotgun w/Choke3,000 Duke's
Iron Crossbow1,500 Duke's
Iron Bow1,500 Duke's
Combat Ax500 Duke's
Weed Cleaver100 Duke's
Utilities/Tool PartsCost
Working Sink
  w/choice of faucet attachment
1,500 Duke's
Auger Blade – Blue Quality1,400 Duke's
Auger Parts – Blue Quality 1,000 Duke's
Chainsaw Blade – Blue Quality 1,000 Duke's
Chainsaw Parts – Blue Quality 1,500 Duke's

Weapon Parts:

All weapon parts, sold with a blue quality for 500 Duke's ea


Store Buying Deals

What we're willing to buy from survivors on a daily basis. (payouts increase 100 Duke's every time quality color increases, except for all purples double the payout!)

Monday - Military Clothing Buying Payout
Swat Helmet
Military Helmet
Military Shirt
Military Vest
Military Gloves
Military Pants
Military Leg Armor
Military Boots
Yellow Quality
Green Quality
Blue Quality
Purple Quality
100 Duke's
200 Duke's
300 Duke's
600 Duke's
Tuesday - Beaker Buying Payout
Beaker -
One Piece
100 Duke's
Wednesday - Hazmat Suit Clothing Buying Payout
Hazmat Mask
Hazmat Shirt
Hazmat Gloves
Hazmat Pants
Hazmat Boots
Yellow Quality
Green Quality
Blue Quality
Purple Quality
200 Duke's
300 Duke's
400 Duke's
800 Duke's
Thursday - Auger Blade Buying Payout
Auger Blade Yellow Quality
Green Quality
Blue Quality
Purple Quality
500 Duke's
600 Duke's
700 Duke's
1,400 Duke's
Friday - Caliper Buying Payout
Caliper -
One Piece
750 Duke's
Saturday - Tool and Die Set Buying Payout
Tool and Die Set -
One Piece
1,500 Duke's
Sunday - Military Fiber Buying Payout
Military Fiber -
One Piece
150 Duke's

Our store's buying and selling prices may change at any time. So get down to our store as soon as you can to get the best deals! Store hours are 22:00 - 04:00 (closed every 7th day! Casino Coins on accepted and paid out. We hope to see you there!


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